Jumbo hot dog a la Cherry

May 10, 2018

I am on record as saying that I agreed with Don Cherry when the outspoken Hockey Night In Canada commentator referred to the Soo Greyhounds as “hot dogs” because of the way they seem to over-celebrate goals.

Simply put, I am not a fan of players who show-boat and act as though they are better than their opponents just because they happen to come out on top of a particular game or series.

In that regard, I am of the notion — thus in agreement with Cherry — that the Greyhounds have more than their share of high-grade hot dogs, complete with mustard and relish.

Some may see the hot dog antics of a few Greyhounds — they were particularly prominent in the opening round of the Ontario Hockey League playoffs against the Saginaw Spirit — as an innocent case of “boys being boys.” And that may be true.

But what was bothersome to me was it looked as though the top-ranked team from the Soo was running up the score with delight in over-celebrating a one-sided series win over lowly, no. 8 seed Saginaw.

Oh well. What happened is now history, like it or not.

But what gets me is that it was Don Cherry — of all people — who went on national television and called the Greyhounds “a bunch of hot dogs.” I mean, is there a bigger hot dog in Canadian sports television than Don Cherry?

We are a talking about a national icon who dresses outlandishly, speaks loudly, is smug and arrogant and draws attention to himself in just about every way possible. He routinely begins and ends sentences with the words “I” and “me.” He almost forces his opinions down the throats of his viewers and he seems to look down at his Hockey Night In Canada co-host Ron MacLean.

To be sure, it could well be a case of the 84-year old Cherry playing up to his vast, coast-to-coast audience. Let’s face it, when Cherry says something — like it or not — he tends to get an overwhelming reaction.

Some of what Cherry says is harmless. And some of what he says is hurtful. Just as some of what he says is truthful and honest.

But the more I think of it — it is a topic that continues to make conversation — Don Cherry calling the Soo Greyhounds “a bunch of hot dogs” is laughable, absurd and mind-bending, all in one.

After all, we are talking about someone who seems to personify a jumbo hot dog — with a Cherry on top.

PHOTO: Hockey Night In Canada commentators Ron MacLean and Don Cherry.

What you think about “Jumbo hot dog a la Cherry”

  1. he’s a relic of a bygone era in hockey. one that he made lots of money from. but that money came at the cost of a lot of players well-being.

    nobody likes a gloating victor, although i have NO SYMPATHY for scoring 8 goals against an opponent in junior hockey. it IS that volatile and you don’t take your foot off the gas.

    we may not agree on the hot dogging, but thanks for calling a spade a spade with cherry.

  2. Thank You Randy.

    I turn the channel when Coaches Corner comes on. Cherry couldn’t win as a coach. I never liked his self promotion and saying one thing today and the opposite tomorrow. He is 20 years beyond his best before date. It is puzzling why people even watch him. Maybe it’s the expressions on Ron McLean’s face.

  3. I would like to say I would change the channel when Cherry comes on but the truth is, I want to hear what he has to say. I suppose the trick is to filter out some of the more outlandish things he says but very often he has good points to make and I like that he’s not afraid to call out people when they do something such as Subban’s dive in the last game vs the Jets. It reminds me of people who say they don’t shop at Walmart because they don’t want to support a giant U.S. corporation but I see them shopping there anyway. As for the Hounds romp over Saginaw in the televised game, we should remember this is not house league where you get a medal for participating. On the other hand, I think the coach could have said something appropriate.

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