OHL thoughts and dots

April 17, 2023

A plethora of points to ponder relative to personnel and performance in the Ontario Hockey League:

• Haters of the London Knights can’t be thrilled that the green and gold is primed for what could be a long playoff run. Personally, I like the Knights. I like the way they are annual contenders. I like the way they operate. From my experience, most OHL fans who don’t like the Knights are simply jealous of all of their championships and the fact that they are contenders year in and year out. Yep, I totally respect the Knights ownership and management of brothers Dale Hunter and Mark Hunter …

Jordan Smith

• There sure are a lot of folks, including long-time season ticket holders like Don Mitchell and Valerie Trainor who are convinced that the Soo Greyhounds are in need of a coaching change. Me? I would like to see Soo boy and former team captain and associate coach Jordan Smith back with the Greyhounds …

George Burnett

• He is somewhat in the background as the general manager of the Guelph Storm. But I am not the only one who thinks that George Burnett should again be coaching an OHL team. If Dale Hunter can still be coaching with success at age 62 then Burnett can still be coaching with success at age 61. Burnett is definitely a good GM. And he is most definitely a good coach. And I can’t say for sure but methinks that good old George still has the fire and desire to coach. If I am an OHL owner with a coaching vacancy and I want a multiple champion behind the bench then I am going after Burnett as my next head coach. And not only is George a very good coach and a very good hockey guy in general but he is also a good, solid individual …

• Not sure if it is true that the aforementioned George Burnett doesn’t swear. But I have known him for almost 35 years and I have never heard a cuss word come out of his mouth …

• So, coach-general manager Mike McKenzie of the Kitchener Rangers has been fined $5,000 by the OHL for being critical of the officiating during the playoff series with London. I have never really understood why coaches in any high level league can’t express their feelings about officiating without being fined. Why are officials always so exempt from public criticism? Whatever happened to free speech? Is there no such thing as free speech in sports when it comes to referees? …

• Don’t know about you but I am happy that the Hamilton Bulldogs will be the Brantford Bulldogs for at least the next three seasons. Hamilton has proven over and over — with the Red Wings, Fincups, Steelhawks, Dukes and Bulldogs — that it does not deserve to be home to an OHL team.

What you think about “OHL thoughts and dots”

  1. Dean did what he could with what he had.

    If anybody should be answering for the on-ice product this year it is Kyle Raftis. The organization claimed in recent years we could remain a perennial contender without rebuilding and that has been shown to be false.

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