Who is David Branch cheering for?

March 31, 2015

It’s playoff season in the Ontario Hockey League.

Which leads me to ask this question: Which team is OHL commissioner David Branch rooting for to win the championship this year?

You don’t think that Branch would cheer for one OHL team over another?

Well, let us not forget that on national television, in an all-OHL Memorial Cup championship game in Hamilton back in 1990, cameras caught Branch standing up, raising his hands in celebration and cheering when the Oshawa Generals scored the winning goal in double overtime to defeat the Kitchener Rangers 4-3.

PHOTO: Ontario Hockey League commissioner David Branch.

What you think about “Who is David Branch cheering for?”

  1. My geuss is that Branch will be rooting for Oshawa to win it all. As long as it aint the Hounds Branch will be a happy guy IMHO.

  2. Well I can tell you its not NB or the Soo. Branch seems to dislike the Northern Teams. I don’t know what we did to him but maybe the OHL should look at finding an impartial commissioner. North Bay’s new slogan went from”Just north enough to be perfect” to “just north enough to be screwed by Branch”

  3. May be all the fans from the Northern teams can chip in and buy Mr. Branch a map that shows where North Bay, Sudbury and Sault St. Marie are ha ha lol.

  4. Could it have anything to do with his son Barclay ?
    His son Barclay is currently the Director of Player Personnel for the Belleville Bulls, and previously of the Oshawa Generals.

  5. Whether it is OHL policy or not, I believe Branch or another representative should have been here to present the Hamilton Spectator Trophy to the Greyhound organization! Would have been a great P.R. move and may have diminished the alienated perception we feel we get here in the North! It was fairly apparent that after the Generals lost on that Thursday evening, prior to the last weekend of play , the Hounds had a legitimate opportunity to win the regular season point’s title! With the Windsor Spitfires coming into the Soo, and with an 0-5 record vs the Hounds, odds were the Hounds clinch! The media knew it, the fan base knew it but the OHL slighted the organization by not being here to present the HS Trophy!After 30 years, it was a remarkable achievement and the city, fan base, and organization were denied the chance to celebrate the regular season title! Terrible slight on this organization! Don’t tell me with a half a dozen flights daily from Toronto to the Soo, that trophy couldn’t have been here! Even prior to the Sunday tilt vs the Kitchener Rangers, there was ample time to give the fan base something to cheer about! OHL, you blew it!

    1. Chairman Mao absolutely hates the Soo, just look at some of the suspensions we get. Nick Cousins had a chance to win a scoring championship a couple of years ago and Fat Head took care of that by suspending Cousins on a bull**** suspension. I will bet you any amount of money Keefe does not win Coach of the Year this year (or ever). Mao’s hatred for the Soo, as well as his dislike of Keefe prevents this from ever happening.

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