Wolves hit with modest fine

November 1, 2014

The Ontario Hockey League has fined the Sudbury Wolves $7,500 as the result of what it calls the “most unprofessional and inappropriate comments” made by coach Paul Fixter.

Fixter, in a media scrum following an October 22 game at Sault Ste. Marie between the Greyhounds and the visiting Wolves, used the word “f–k” in a testy exchange with a reporter who — it should be noted — had raised his voice in an angry manner with the Sudbury coach.

Fixter later apologized for his choice of words in a written statement on the Wolves website.

What you think about “Wolves hit with modest fine”

  1. “Modest” fine for certan. If Branch was really pissed then Fixie woulda got suspended. The reporter is just as much to blame for what happened as Fixie is.

  2. The reporter in question (Peter Ruicci) should learn to be more professional imho. By loosing his patience and yelling at the Sudbury Coach it was Ruicci who instigated the encounter. Pretty immature on Peter’s part if you were to ask me. Peter has always come across to me as a Big Shot. Grow up Peter.

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