Soo Firehawks are folding the tent

August 20, 2015

Soo Firehawks of the U.S. Premier Hockey League have ceased operations, owner and general manager Doug Goudreau has confirmed.

The Michigan-based Firehawks were poised to join the USPHL this season after being a part of the disbanded Midwest Jr. Hockey League since 2012.

The demise of the Firehawks leaves the Soo Eagles of the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League as the remaining junior team in the Upper Peninsula town.

The Eagles have planted solid roots in the Michigan Soo and are about to enter their sixth season under the firm ownership of Bruno Bragagnolo and Ron Lavin.

Goudreau, meanwhile, posted the following message on the Firehawks website.

“Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Soo Firehawks will cease operations for the 2015-2016 season.

“The staff and ownership have decided their experience and resources can be better utilized to promote and mentor the local youth hockey association.

“We decline any further public comment regarding our decision while we explore all available options for the organization.”

What you think about “Soo Firehawks are folding the tent”

  1. I see there are a few no class ass clowns who can’t look beyond the on ice product. Sometimes you have to watch what you wish for! These are good people who deserve to have been treated better than they were. For God’s sake, it’s only hockey, not life.

  2. We are very sad to lose such a great hockey family as the Goudreaus.They produced a quality product and amongst the hostile naysayers were one of the great venues to play. On behalf of the Detroit Fighting Irish and our ownership we would like to thank Doug, Paula and Joe and the rest of the Firehawks for putting the kids first and for their great contribution to junior and Michigan Hockey.

  3. Its always sad to see a Hockey Team have to fold. I am sure that there is alot more to the story about why the Firehawks shut er down. In the meantime thanks for just reporting the storey Randy and being a pro not like that asshole “Angel” from that junior hockey website that is such a pathetic joke.

  4. So … my ? is what happens now to all of the Player’s who have signed up to play for the “Firehawks”? The Firehawks were a team that boys from both Soo Canada & Soo Michigan could play for. I wood hope that these boys find a place to play!!! This dose not seem right Dammit!!!

  5. Eagle, isn’t it easy to sit behind a keyboard and spew your BS as long as nobody knows who you are? You need to stop making a fool of yourself or better yet, use your real name to post. It’s OK that your a supporter of the Eagles, we all love the support of fans. But you sound more like a fanatic. Get some help man! If your apart of the Eagle staff, shame on you, I’m sure their not proud!

  6. The Irish would be happy to help any players from the Soo program find a new home whether with our club or any of our partner clubs in the USPHL.

  7. Jeff Price,
    I can assure you it is nobody from the Eagles staff making any comments on here about the Firehawks. As an owner, GM and coach I know how difficult it is in today’s economy to keep a team afloat. It can happen to any Junior team anywhere anytime so we never take anything for granted and are very grateful to everyone involved to be able to field a team every year. I know the Goudreaus have put a lot of time, effort and money into their program and I respect them for their efforts and wish them the best.
    — Bruno Bragagnolo GM/Coach, Soo Eagles NOJHL

  8. The Owners of the Soo Firehawks might indeed be nice folks but there Coach’s acted like a bunch of Banshee’s on more than one occasion that I can tell you from personel expereince.

  9. This was never about the staff, but I guess if your looking for a reason to rub their noses in it, some of you people will find one! Have a great day!

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