Dryden Ice Dogs AGM

May 12, 2022

Franchise mainstay Mike Sveinson will remain at the helm of the Dryden Ice Dogs of the Superior International Jr. Hockey League for a ninth consecutive term.

Sveinson was re-elected as team president at the Ice Dogs annual general meeting that was held earlier this week. The AGM is held yearly as per the Dryden organization’s bylaws.

Joining Sveinson on the Ice Dogs executive are vice president Erik Lang and secretary Natasha Lovenuk.

Following is an excerpt via press release from the Ice Dogs as they look ahead to the 2022-2023 season.

Having been through the challenges that we faced over the past several years, we are facing a renewed resolve to push the franchise forward both on and off the ice. Our goals for the coming season will be to win an SIJHL championship and to engage Dryden in that challenge both by our presence in the community and through our goal to set franchise attendance records in the coming season. We want to continue to be community involvement leaders in all the areas we always have, and we want Dryden to be the hardest road game in the league. In both those challenges, our fans, families and volunteers are the key and they are how we can make that happen. Looking forward to seeing everyone back at the Dog Pound in the fall.

What you think about “Dryden Ice Dogs AGM”

  1. The whole idea of hockey is to promote your players to the next level. Then and only then you have accomplished what a franchise is supposed to be.

  2. Charly Murray

    Dryden does that…..

    When mike svension came on board they were financially in trouble, and instead of using the “none for profit card” they paid all the old bills some 4 plus years old that was 8 years ago. Since then they have moved numerous players to the Canadian university circuit the NCAA and ACHA…. Kyle Pouncy for example is currently a pro hockey player in the echl and has had call ups too the AHL.

    The ice dogs and mike look at the person first and try and do what’s best, mike is a great person and fantastic leader and that’s what an organization needs in its element there have been plenty of franchises to bay move players to high high levels of hockey but after a few years are toast! Mike has found a balance and that balance gives every junior aged player a chance and a good one at getting noticed. I also want to mention Charley I’m not sure the average player fee down there but in Dryden it’s almost nothing to play and they get all the same amenities that the big market west leagues get. … the fees alone and there track record of winning is why they do so well and have done so for so long


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