Great Scot! What a Walleye!

October 27, 2021

From the Kam River Fighting Walleye of the Superior International Jr. Hockey League to the world stage. Hailing from Ayr, Scotland, Kam River defenceman Calum McGill has been named to the Great Britain under 20 world junior hockey team.

McGill will travel to Romania in early December to take part in the six team, Division 2, world junior tournament as a member of the Great Britain national squad.

“I am very honoured to be able to go and represent my country and I couldn’t have done it without the help of all my previous coaches and trainers,” said McGill. “The way (Kam River) coach Matt (Valley) has pushed me this season so far has made me really hungry to go and put everything on the line every night.”

With a 2003 birth date, McGill is the youngest of the eight defensemen on the Kam River roster. And he has already scored his first SIJHL goal.

Kam River general manager Kevin McCallum took note of what being named to the Great Britain national team means for the youngster, the Fighting Walleye and the SIJHL.

“We are very excited for Calum’s opportunity to play for a world championship,” relayed McCallum. “This is a great honour for him and his family to represent Great Britain. I am looking forward to having our team set up in the dressing room to watch Calum and his Great Britain team compete.

“It is great for our organization and the league to be showcased as well,” McCallum added.

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