Kam River lands 270 lb. Walleye

November 16, 2021

Hulking forward Colin McLeod has signed with the Kam River Fighting Walleye of the Superior International Jr. Hockey League via the Lomond Lakers of the lower level Heritage Jr. Hockey League.

McLeod, who has considerable junior hockey eligibility remaining as a 2003 birth year skater, is a 6-foot-5, 270 pound prospect who is projected to have a good future in Kam River, which is currently tied for first place in the SIJHL with 21 points from a record of 10-2-1.

“We need a presence out there for us to allow our younger players to grow and develop. Colin will be an asset to our program for years to come and we look forward to watching him grow as a player on the ice and he definitely deserves the opportunity at this level,” relayed Fighting Walleye general manager Kevin McCallum. “We are excited to bring the big man in.”

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