Super Smeltzer of Kam River

August 14, 2023

He has the big time trust of his general manager. Bryan Smeltzer may not be the face of the reigning champion Kam River Fighting Walleye of the Superior International Jr. Hockey League but he certainly holds a significant place.

Bryan Smeltzer

As assistant general manager and head scout of the Fighting Walleye, Smeltzer serves as the right hand man to Kam River part owner and general manager Kevin McCallum.

About to enter just its third full season as members of the SIJHL, Kam River has been a model for success with back to back appearances in the league championship series, including being title winners in 2022-2023. And to be sure, McCallum as the GM has a great deal of respect for, and trust in, Smeltzer, who is a fellow Thunder Bay product.

“Bryan has been with me since the start. We are on the same page with how we want to build our teams,” McCallum relayed to Hockey News North. “The work that Bryan puts in is second to none and a big reason why we have been successful through our first two seasons in the SIJHL. I have a tonne of respect for the way Bryan evaluates the talent and he is someone who I fully trust with everything we do together.”

Under the watch of McCallum as the GM, Smeltzer has a worthy supervisor role with the Fighting Walleye hockey department.

“The crew that (Smeltzer) oversees is dialed in as well with Kurtis McCallum, Vern Ray, Kris Reginato and Michael Hughes as part of our incredible scouting staff,” McCallum added. “That entire group is so valuable and would be almost impossible to replace. The work ethic and time put in by that crew cannot be matched from which Bryan leads the charge for us as an organization.”

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  1. Great success from such a young franchise but when the main guys let everyone do their job success is something that follows!! Kevin is one of the bright young hockey minds in junior hockey today! He has for sure assembled a winning culture in the north and the new coach hiring of Jesse Messier was just another step in the winning direction!!

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