Another MC moment

October 16, 2014

Scoring sensation Adam Jonak struck for five more points and goalie Tyler Skulley made 53 saves as the expansion MC Monarchs continued to confound the Midwest Jr. Hockey League pundits on Wednesday night.

Jonak netted three goals and assisted on two others as the visiting Monarchs shrugged off an early 2-0 deficit to upend the Detroit Fighting Irish 5-2 at the Ice Box Sports Centre in Brownstown.

Amazingly, Jonak now has 12 goals, 19 assists, 31 points in just 6 games for the 6-0 Monarchs.

Wednesday’s loss was the first of the season for the 4-1 Fighting Irish, which outshot the Monarchs 55-30 only to be stymied time and time again by Skulley, who was acquired by MC in an off-season MWJHL trade with Detroit.

In addition to Jonak’s hat trick, Trevor Pode and Bryce Peplinski also scored goals for MC.

James Smith and Eric Long scored first-period goals to give Detroit its 2-0 lead before Skulley locked the door for the remainder of the well-played contest.

MC owner-general manager Mark Gilman paid tribute to Detroit and told that he is looking forward to future games between the Monarchs and Fighting Irish.

“Last night was a battle. The Irish is a very good team and we’re going to have some epic games against one another this season,” said Gilman.

Despite its 6-0 record to date, the road does not get any easier for the Monarchs, who head north to Traverse City for three games with the 3-0 Hounds this weekend.

PHOTO: MC Monarchs high-scoring forward Adam Jonak in action against the Detroit Fighting Irish on Wednesday night at the Ice Box Sports Centre in Brownstown.

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  1. Skully stood on his head for the Monarchs who got all the bounces in this Game.
    Jonak will cool down sooner or later. 1 Game dose not made a Season!!!

  2. All the bounces?.Wow Irish, you’re a piece of work. By the way we are all waiting for you to fulfill your idiotic boast earlier (yes, we remember) that you would buy us all drinks if we won more than 5 games this season. I know you’ve probably run out of fingers on your “counting hand” so I will help you and let you know that the win last night was the Monarchs’ 6th. I’m sure Randy will send it to you if you conveniently forgot. Thanks, by the way, for “unloading” the hottest goaltender in the league on us. Let us know where you’ll be paying the tab and just leave your credit card. You don’t need to show.

  3. Irish American,

    For the record, Monarchy is right.

    I believe that you owe certain members of the MC Monarchs a round of drinks as per an earlier post of yours.

    By the way, I watched the entire DFI-MC game on last night. What I noticed were two good teams — and that MC got 5 points from one player and 53 saves from another.

    I must have missed the bounces.



  4. Monarchy thats fine I will leave $20 bucks for you at Moose Macgregors on Telegraph rite close to the Ice Box for the next time your Team play’s hear when I am sure your record will be belo .500 level.
    Randy I like your articels but I no do not need a leccsure from you.

  5. Irish American,

    Okay man, I will stop with the “lectures” while offering a suggestion that you invest in a Funk and Wagnalls Standard College Dictionary.



  6. From my observation … ’twas a very well played match last night. Both of the Teams competed hard and they are both well Coached imho. Skulley played well (as noted) and #88 Jonak is a treat to watch. This has the makings of a very intense rivalry.
    Good article … again Randy!

  7. Im at Moose Macgregors rite now halfing a cold Beer with a Sandwich that has hallapennyos on it. mmmmmmm. If an any of you Monarchs wanta come by hear I am no hard feelings.
    Allso you do a great job Randy. Im full of pashion for the Fighting Irish so dont mind me somtimes!

  8. MICHhockey,

    I would like to point out that the Monarchs currently boast five of the top six scorers in the MWJHL. To me, that suggests they are relying on a lot more than two players.



  9. The Monarchs great start is not only good for them but the MWJHL as well. They have a great test this weekend in TC, with the two time defending league & playoff champs. Best not to open mouth and insert foot! Season has just begun!

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