Berkley Bruins to Detroit Fighting Irish

August 14, 2014

Four players for cash.

Detroit Fighting Irish and Berkley Bruins of the Midwest Jr. Hockey League have finalized a major transaction.

Fighting Irish coach-general manager Dan Vasquez told that his team has acquired forwards Zach Cruz and Tristan Cruz, defenceman Joe Hays and goalie Kory Dombrowski from Berkley in a cash exchange.

Zach Cruz is a 1994 birth year while younger brother Tristan has a 1997 birth date.

Hays is also a 1997 while Dombrowski was born in 1995.

Dombrowski will join his younger brother Cody with the Fighting Irish.

Cody, a 1996 birth-year defenceman, signed a tender with the Fighting Irish back in May.

Looking ahead, the Fighting Irish will hold its main tryout camp August 19-21 at the Ice Box Sports Center in Brownstown.

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  1. The Cruz boys are both good pretty good players .. Hayes is young and big kid a good D-man with a good shot .. dont know much about the Goalie Dombroski .. but I think the Irish already have 2 good goolies so we shall see. Maybe they will trade one of the goalies to MC or the Ice Dogs.

  2. Me I was hoping that when Hays asks the Bruins to trade him that we would get him for our MC Monarchs’. Good luck to you anyway Joseph!

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