Blast of Winter hits MC

November 30, 2014

MC Monarchs felt the effects of Winter on Saturday.

High-scoring forward Ken Winter potted a goal and added four assists to spark the Detroit Fighting Irish past the visiting Monarchs 8-5 in Midwest Jr. Hockey League action at the Ice Box Sports Center.

Winter now has a team-leading 16 goals, 15 assists, 31 points on the season.

Saturday’s win for Detroit was its first win in four games against MC this season.

James Smith also had a big game for the Fighting Irish with two goals and two assists, while Jacob Hernandez tallied twice and Aaron Robinson, Chase Tackett and Zack Cruz netted solo markers.

Hernandez now has 15 goals on the season.

Justin Session, Bryce Peplinski, Joe Gibbs, Jarrad Vroman and A.J. DiMercurio scored for MC.

With the win, the Fighting Irish boosted its record to 14-6-2 while the Monarchs dropped to 15-7.

PHOTO: Ken Winter leads the Detroit Fighting Irish in scoring with 16 goals and 31 points.

What you think about “Blast of Winter hits MC”

  1. Twas a good game altho the goal-tending was a tad shoddy on both ends.
    Winter played a good game as Randy notes and Hernandes was all over the ice making his presents felt in a physical way.

  2. This looks good on that McCrimmon who thinks he’s a big shot cause he got Players to leave the Irish and go play for him in Fraser. I wonder if he was tampering with Players on the Irish but we wont never know that for sure .

  3. Whiskey, you should probably be asking yourself how the Irish let McCrimmon leave? Needless to say, he’s been much more important to the Monarchs’ success than any Irish players they traded for. Unlike the guys who were supposedly “tampered” with, the Monarchs got him for nothing.

    FYI – If you knew what the heck you were talking about, you’d know that all the players in the league are on a protected list and management on both sides has to actively participate and sign off on any trade. This would be referred to as “tamper-proofing.” The Irish players you refer to were acquired by the Monarchs last summer in a trade for cash. They didn’t just “leave.” Nice try attempting to stir things up by talking out of your butt, something that is probably very familiar to you. I’m sorry to have to be the one to confuse you with actual facts. Now just put the booze down and go on with your day.

  4. Hey “Tamper Proof” it sounds to me that you are a Monarchs Fan and that you are bitter about loosing to the Irish on Saturday. Sore loser!

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