Steve Glover turns Irish

June 17, 2014

Detroit Fighting Irish of the Midwest Jr. Hockey League has beefed up its player development department with the addition of Steve Glover to the staff.

Fighting Irish coach-general manager Dan Vasquez said Glover will assist the MWJHL team as a scout and consultant to the hockey department.

Glover, who has coached in the Detroit area for 40 years, will continue in his role as bench boss of the Summit Plastics major midget team in addition to his new duties with the Fighting Irish.

“Steve has been instrumental in helping me build teams throughout my junior career. Steve and I always had the same philosophy as it came to teaching and I have always been able to count on him for advice, guidance and some times just a swift kick in the butt,” Vasquez said of Glover.

“When it comes to players on the east side of Detroit , Steve knows them all…and probably taught half of them the game,” Vasquez added.

As he joins the Fighting Irish staff, Glover will work alongside veteran scout Bob Brown as part of his duties with the MWJHL team.

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  1. Coach Glovver will be of a great assistance to the Fighting Irish program. He is “the man” in East Detroit hockey!

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