Jonak, Pode pace MC to victory

October 30, 2014

The high-scoring duo of Adam Jonak and Trevor Pode combined for six points on Wednesday as the MC Monarchs outlasted the visiting Detroit Fighting Irish 6-4.

Jonak and Pode — who are the top two scorers in the Midwest Jr. Hockey League — both tallied twice and added an assist as the expansion Monarchs improved their record to an impressive 8-3 on the season.

Jonak leads the Monarchs and the MWJHL in scoring with 19 goals, 27 assists, 46 points in just 11 games while Pode is 12-18-30 in 11 outings.

Alec Domin and Joe Gibbs added solo goals for MC in the home-ice win over Detroit while Jarrad Vroman chipped in with two assists in support of Monarchs goalie Tyler Skulley, who made 31 saves.

For the Fighting Irish, Ken Winter had a goal and an assist while Hunter Nielson, Jacob Hernandez and Christian Ramage all had solo markers on the night.


The Fighting Irish takes its record of 5-3 to the Soo for Friday (7:30) and Saturday (7:00) night games against the Firehawks, who have a 2-3-1 mark.

Both games are slated for Big Bear Arena in the Michigan Soo.

PHOTO: Trevor Pode of the MC Monarchs, in action at Fraser Hockeyland.

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  1. I think Irish American shouldn’t give up whatever day job keeps him employed (hopefully it doesn’t involve spelling and grammar). Yesterday, he predicted not only a Monarchs loss to the Irish, but that Jonak would get shut out. 6-4 win for Monarchs, Jonak with 2 goals and an assist. Irish comeback this morning ……. crickets.

  2. LOL on Irish American LOL!
    He is probably at Moose McGregor’s having a “liquid lunch” as we speak. Or he is getting his weekly award as “Jack Ass of the Week” LOL .

  3. MC are very well coached by Jason. It is quite obviuos that Jason prepares his Team to play and prepares them very well might I add.
    The MC team are a credit to Jason and the Owner of the Team who is Mark Gillman who I never met or spoke to but who has made a good name for him self and his team in Junior Hockey.

  4. I agree and yes Coach McCrimmin and Mr. and Mrs. Gilman combine to define the word ‘Team’.
    all Good articles Randy.

  5. p.s. I think that both Jonak and Vrooman can play in the NAHL. Vrooman for sure being so young. too bad that Jonak is a ’94.

  6. Vroman and Jonak make a great team as captains, Jonak is the fire in the offense but Vroman anchors the defense and chips in on the offense as well. They are salt and pepper a treat to watch! Jonak and Vroman can both move up especially Vroman being a 97
    Great coverage Randy!

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