MC on a mission

October 13, 2014

Who are these guys?

Two weekends into the 2014-2015 season and the expansion MC Monarchs are the feel-good story in the eight-team Midwest Jr. Hockey League.

After beginning their MWJHL voyage with a two-game, opening-weekend sweep of the Berkley Bruins, the Monarchs continue to create a league-wide buzz.

Playing at their Fraser Hockeyland home rink this past weekend, the Monarchs took three straight games from the Soo Firehawks, upending the visitors by 4-3, 7-5 and 4-2 scores.

Thus, MC takes a perfect 5-0 record into a Wednesday night (8:15 p.m.) road game against the Detroit Fighting Irish at the Ice Box Sports Center in Brownstown.

The MC sweep of the Soo is even more startling in that the Firehawks represented the MWJHL (along with the Traverse City Hounds) at last spring’s United Hockey Union national championship tournament and took a 2-0-1 record into the weekend series just past.

Monarchs owner-general manager Mark Gilman had much to say to about the 5-0 start of his expansion MC crew.

“The funny thing about this past weekend was that many of our kids had no idea what they had accomplished and how young expansion teams aren’t supposed to beat league powerhouses,” Gilman began.

“(Coach) Jason (McCrimmon) had a ridiculously-effective game plan and it got the most out of our guys. Many of our kids have never played junior hockey before this season so they were clueless about what they had just accomplished. I’m not sure the Firehawks have ever dropped three games in a weekend series.

“The Soo is a great team that ran into a bunch of kids who had no idea who they were. I went into the locker room after (Adam) Jonak’s game winning goal with one second left Friday night expecting them to be jumping up and down but they were all casually sitting around and talking with each other.

“Jarrad Vroman, our captain who played for the Fighting Irish last year and didn’t beat the Soo once, said, ‘Don’t you guys realize what a big deal this was?’ They looked at him like he was speaking Russian.

“I personally had no idea what to expect and never imagined a three-game sweep. Those kids just went out and expected to win. No fear. No nervousness. One of the many things I love about these guys,” gushed an effervescent Gilman.

So, as it stands now, MC tops the MWJHL standings with its 5-0 record, though both Detroit and Traverse City are also unbeaten.

The Fighting Irish has a record of 4-0 and the Hounds are 3-0.

PHOTO: Members of the MC Monarchs salute their fans at Fraser Hockeyland following a three-game weekend sweep of the visiting Soo Firehawks.

What you think about “MC on a mission”

  1. Can you say “Beginners Luck”????? !!!!!
    The BIG TEST for these guys is comming up on Wed nite when they play the Fighting Irish.
    Nice article Randy but I do think that you and Mr. Gilman are getting a bit carried away.

  2. Irish American. Isn’t he the same blog troll who predicted on one of your earlier stories that the Monarchs wouldn’t win five games this season? And by the way, it’s nearly impossible in this league to “luck” into a five game winning streak. As for “Big Tests” I’m wondering how many games the Irish won against the Soo (which is a VERY good team) last season? The answer is zero. If ignorance is bliss, this guy has to be the happiest guy in Michigan.

    Nice story Randy. Your open “Who are these guys” made me laugh out loud. It’s a long season and these guys will take their lumps but it’s certainly been fun to watch so far.

  3. First let me start by saying I am in no way shape or form at all discrediting the Monarchs they have a solid team and a good group of players but to compare the Firehawks this year to last years squad isn’t even close to being a measuring stick. We moved our best group of players to college hockey former league scoring leader as well as the Defensenmen of the year and arguable one of the best goalies in the league. The squad we took to 3rd place at the AAU national tournament last season is gone our roster from last year to this boast roughly 13 different faces. As I said before the Monarchs have a good squad of players and work very hard every game every shift.

  4. Hey Matt Parker;
    You and your Soo Firehawks team got beat fair and square…not once…not twice… but THREE times by the MC Monarchs ! ! !

  5. There is an old saying: “Give credit where credit is do.”
    The MC Monarchs have won all 5 of there games so far so let’s “give credit where credit is do.” It seems to me that there are some people who are jealous of the MC and the success that they have had so far. We even have Irish American telling Randy that he is getting carried away. WTF? MC are 5 – 0 and they are a great story so far so let Randy tell it!

  6. Tom – Randy covers the MWJHL better than any one out there of that there is no doubt in my mind. so stop trying to stirr it up with me. It is a free world and I am intitled to givve my opinion.

  7. I agree about the coverage. This is the most that I have ever red about the Mid West League. I have been following the Mid West League for over 1 YEAR now and this is the site to get all the good Info. You do a great job Randy.

  8. Fish&Chips thanks for the recap glad you can count I was there. I believe I did give them credit they are a great team I was in no way discrediting them at all. The beauty of a hockey season is it’s 52 games long and it only matters who is standing at the end. I’m happy to say they is great parity in our league this year that will make for a great season. Thanks for the coverage on our league RR

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