NAHL North nestle

March 21, 2014

Port Huron Fighting Falcons are in with 74 points.

Michigan Warriors are almost there with 63.

Which leaves four teams fighting for two playoffs spots in the North Division of the North American Hockey League.

And the clock is ticking.

A mere five points is all that stands between four teams — Janesville Jets, Johnstown Tomahawks, Springfield Jr. Blues and Soo Eagles.

Which means two pretty-good teams are going to miss the playoffs.

Going into play tonight, Janesville has 58 points, Johnstown has 57, Springfield has 55 and the Soo has 53.

Janesville has played 54 games while Johnstown, Springfield and the Soo have all played 55.

All NAHL teams play 60 regular-season games.

There is plenty of head-to-head action between the four teams on the remaining schedule.

For example, Johnstown is home to the Soo for three games this weekend before finishing the regular season with a pair at Janesville.

And the Soo, following its three at Johnstown this weekend, plays host to Springfield for a pair the following weekend.


“There is no panic button but we’ve got to really bear down and get hungry,” said Johnstown coach Jason Spence.

“There is no room for error now,” offered Soo coach Bruno Bragagnolo. “We have five games left and we know what we need to do to make the playoffs. We can’t count on anyone else to help us out.”

What you think about “NAHL North nestle”

  1. I enjoy your insight into the NA North Randy, do know that you are well red in the Flint Area.
    I find the Warriors to be a Team that can score but there are the shortcomings such as inconsistant goaltending and defensemen who can be beat wide because they lack the foot speed.
    Coach Mantha is a respectable individuel whose background in the game is of asset to his players.
    An area of which the Warriors Org is lacking is in promotion of the team and the players plus terrible coverage from the media . The Warriors have had game night of 1000+ fans and barely a word about on mlive or the local newspaper and I use such word “local” very loosley.
    Keep up the good work and insight Randy as I know the players on the Warriors do appreciate your views and coverage.

  2. I am not a Fan who to make any public comments such as this here but I do want to agree with “Warriors2014” about the awful Media coverage of the Warriors from the Journal-Mlive. When the Minor Pro team was in Flint (Generals) there were all so many articles that if the Warriors were to get even half this coverage they will be lucky! Yes I travel to Warriors game’s with “Warriors2014” so as you know we are friends & I do share her Views on this.

  3. Any one watch the Eagles game at Johnstown last nite on Fast-Hockey? The reff handed the home team the game in the 3rd with 5 cheap penalties which allowed Johnstown to come back and win. The NAHL should be emabarresed for this type of reffing!

  4. Too bad about the Soo Eagles for this Season but I like what this Team give’s to the Community dammit!
    Better Luck next season boys!!!!
    Lets improve the Scouting of Northern Boy’s!

  5. Agree with “Warrior 2014”. These boys had nothing to do with the Generals demise. They give to the community in many ways in their very little free time. Go see them play and get in their fan base. I do agree that they should change their name to the Flint Warriors. A simple “sew on” would save the jersey problem. As for the newspaper, the coverage is inadequate. Get a Flint committe together and go talk to these people.

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